“Teacher must support environment of co-existence in classroom by promoting curiosity and communication skills”

23 May 2017


To bring about mutual co-existence in a diverse country like Pakistan, it is imperative to listen to all concern stakeholders without resorting to conflict. The mutually-agreed solution to the problem should be founded on logic and rational thinking. Teachers can help attain such level by imparting inquisitive communication skills and promoting curiosity in students, encouraging them to address problems relevant to today’s society.   These views came in a workshop on the role... Read More

“Teachers should absorb diverse opinions” Workshop in Lahore

16 May 2017


PIPS workshop with teachers and educationists-I Teachers shape societies; a good teacher should be receptive to inclusive opinions. But teachers, influenced by one or other political consideration, end up distorting society, towards parochialism. This was shared in the one-day training program on “The role of teachers in social and religious harmony”, arranged by Pak Institute for peace studies (PIPS) in Lahore on May 16th, 2017, attended by more than thirty (30) teachers... Read More

‘Teachers should play intellectual input in today’s time to stay as role models’

15 May 2017


PIPS workshop with teachers and educationists-I For a teacher to be relevant in today’s time, he or she must pay attention to critical intellectual challenges of the country and stay updated with the usage of modern technologies. Only then can they respond to the needs of the students, swaying them away from extremism. These thoughts came in a day-long workshop held with teachers, on the role of teachers in social and religious harmony, held on 15 May 2017 in Lahore. Around 30... Read More

‘Revive Punjab’s pluralistic culture to fight extremism’: Punjab dialogue forum

12 May 2017


Punjab’s cultural diversity is regarded as shield against the extremist views, but violence has been eroding that pluralism. Even the rich cultural events have been overtaken by narrow events along sectarian lines in otherwise inclusive towns of Punjab. These views were expressed by participants of the first provincial-level consultation on countering violent extremism. The consultation, aptly titled “Securing Punjab’s Diversity” was organized by Pak Institute for... Read More

‘Functional SAARC viable for regional cooperation’: Nepalese scholar

24 January 2017


A functional SAARC is a viable option for regional cooperation and progress for the South Asian belt. And will provide a stronger “bargaining power” for the member countries against non-member states while forging new relations. These were some of the views shared by Dr. Yuburaj Sangroula, a Nepalese scholar on international law visiting Pakistan, at an exclusive talk on “Changing regional scenario and cooperation among South Asian countries,” hosted by Pak Institute... Read More

“Teachers should learn how to engage with students of diverse faiths”

06 June 2016


PIPS workshop with teachers and educationists-III One of the central challenges to teachers of Islamic studies is how to engage with the diversity around them. Curriculum with questionable content, for sure, is one thing, but equally important is for teachers to learn and practice the ways to engage and sensitively reach out to students from diverse faiths. These thoughts came in a two-day training workshop titled “Role of teachers in improving social cohesion and religious... Read More

Teachers asked to adopt critical thinking and an inclusive educational approach

03 June 2016


PIPS workshop with teachers and educationists-II   Teachers need to adopt tools of critical inquiry in their own research as well as in teaching others. This will help them keep their teaching content and approaches uninfluenced by political and religious ideologies. While our textbooks and syllabus promote differences among students adhering to different faiths, teachers can play their role to break such stereotypes against one or another. These views were expressed by... Read More

‘Safeguarding minorities will promote Pakistan’s soft image in world’

PIPS workshop with teachers and educationists-I

04 May 2016


    Renowned educationists and scholars argued that followers of the majority faith do not have the right to impose their ideologies on minorities. Instead, they say, protecting minorities and their rights is the way to go, which will also help build a better, softer image of Pakistan. “The day we decide that this country does not solely belong to Muslims but all Pakistanis, we will eventually be able to end intolerance and bring social harmony in society,” they... Read More
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