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Reporting and Analyzing Conflicts in Pakistan

10 January 2013


The information explosion has lifted the role of journalists from traditional story tellers to analytical and investigative reporters who have the professional capacity and abilities to think critically and link the available information to its larger political, socioeconomic and other related dimensions. The participating young and mid-career journalists were told in a media training workshop on ‘reporting and analyzing conflicts in Pakistan’ jointly... Read More

Media’s Role in Conflict: Unbiased, Balanced and Objective Reporting

26 December 2012


As dynamics of conflicts in Pakistan vary from region to region, journalists and media persons should try to understand the local contexts of conflicts in order to report and analyze them objectively as well as to ensure their own security in conflict-hit areas. The participant journalists and media experts observed in a journalists’ training workshop jointly organized by Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) and the Canadian High Commission on December 24 in... Read More

International moot demands better efforts from media bodies, governments to protect journalists

16 December 2011


ISLAMABAD: Safety of journalists must be the top priority for media organisations as well as state institutions in order to ensure the freedom of media in Pakistan, concluded speakers at a two-day international media conference organised by Pak Institute for Peace Studies and Intermedia Pakistan in Islamabad on December 12 & 13, 2011. The speakers at the conference, titled ‘Media and Professionalism: Keeping Journalists and Journalism Safe in Hostile... Read More

Not All Western Intellectualism is Contradictory to Islam

23 November 2011


Western political thoughts and intellectual trends, which are not contradictory to basic Islamic principles, can be followed and implemented in political and state systems of Pakistan. We need knowledge-based, and not belief-based, intellectual discourses to respond to emerging local and global challenges. Intellectuals and religious scholars said in a one-day workshop with madrasa students and teachers, which was organized by Pak Institute for Peace Studies at Jamia... Read More

PIPS Launches Pak-Afghan Media Collaboration Initiative with Kabul Moot

09 March 2011


Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) launched an initiative aimed at enhancing bilateral media contacts and co-operation between Afghan and Pakistani journalists and media organisation by holding Afghanistan-Pakistan Media Dialogue at Kabul on February 21-22, 2011. PIPS has partnered with The Killid Group (TKG) of Afghanistan to improve co-operation between the electronic and print media of Pakistan and Afghanistan and arrange training for journalists to improve the... Read More

Mainstream Media’s Response to Radical Extremism


22 January 2010

Research Article

There  seems  to  be  broad  agreement  among  analysts  that  Pakistan  has  never  witnessed  worse manifestations of violence fuelled by radical extremism than it does today.   Against this backdrop I want to focus on the mainstream media’s role instead of talking about the fringe jihadi media.   It is obvious that the media cannot remain aloof from the developments taking place in society. We were taught... Read More

Militants Media in Pakistan: Political Etymology and Professional Craft


21 January 2010

Research Article

Dialogue  The Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) organized a series of policy dialogues to seek expert opinion on a PIPS research report titled ‘Understanding Militants’ Print Media in Pakistan and its Impact’. The report maps the militants’ media, its genesis and evolution, and impact on the Pakistani state and society. The report also profiles publications of the militants’ media, colloquially known as ‘jihad media’, along with publications... Read More

An External View of the Vernacular Press in Pakistan

Ranga Kalansooriya

01 January 2010

Research Article

Hailing from a conflict ridden socio-political background in another neighbouring country – Sri Lanka, it was  not  much  difficult  for  me  to  understand  the  trends  and  styles  of  Pakistani  media  fabric  since  both countries share many social, cultural and political dynamics. But in an honest note I must admit the fact that my attempt here is not to be a ‘pundit’ or a... Read More
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