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The Militant : Development of a Jihadi character in Pakistan

Title : The Militant:Development of a Jihadi character in Pakistan

Author: Muhammad Amir Rana 

Release Date : 28 March 2015

ISBN : 978-969-9645-50-1

Length: 171 pages

Description :

This book mainly focuses on the development of the militant’s character in recent years. The phases of militant discourse have completely changed his personality. The militant of the 1990s and the militants in the making today have huge differences. The first generation of militants was adventurous, but the new militant has clarity of ideology and objectives. A lot of work has been done to understand militancy and terrorism, but very few attempts have been made to comprehend the characteristics of militants. This can provide better understanding of the phenomenon as a militant experiences all the challenges and consequences of transformation..

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Conflict and Insecurity in Balochistan

Title : Conflict and Insecurity in Balochistan

 A report by Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS)

ISBN : 978-969-9370-10-6

Release Date : January 2013

Length : 191 Pages

 Pak Institute for Peace Studies’ (PIPS) new publication ‘Conflict and Insecurity in Balochistan’ is now available for pre-order. The publication offers a comprehensive strategic assessment of conflict and insecurity in insurgency-hit province of Pakistan. The first three chapters exclusively focus on conflict analyses, the fourth chapter examines state responses and capacities, and last chapter enlists some strategic policy options for peace and security in Balochistan. Conflict analysis takes into account: (i) conflict lines, or factors of conflict; (ii) actors involved; and (iii) dynamics of conflict.

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Understanding the Militants's Media in Pakistan: Outreach and impact

A report by Pak Institute for Peace Studies

Release Date: April 2010

ISBN: 978-969-9370-05-2

Edition: 2nd 

Length: 224 Pages

Product Description

The book aims to map militant media, its genesis and evolution in Pakistan. Content Analysis of militant print media reveals that the use of diction, terminologies style and tone of militant media is totally different from the mainstream media. The book also discusses the impact of militants' media on the society at large. According to the findings of this research Jihadi print media has been promoting global Jihad in one way or the other. The study illustrates that Jihadi publications focused particularly on Iraq, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bosnia, Arakan (Myanmar), Eritrea, Palestine, Sistan (Iran), China and Central Asia. Criticism of the United States, Russia and the West, calling them infidels, anti- Muslim and anti-Islam has been a regular feature of such publications. The book concludes that the militant media is gradually expanding its influence and outreach.  The book outlines a series of recommendations that can support efforts to contain militants' media in Pakistan.

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Title: Dynamics of Taliban Insurgency in FATA


Title:  Dynamics of Taliban Insurgency in FATA

Author: Muhammad Amir Rana, Safdar Sial,Abdul Basit

Release Date:  2010

ISBN :978-969-9370-04-5

Edition:  2nd (January 2014)

Length: 262 Pages


Contextualizing the militancy in FATA and the region at large is imperative not only to demystify recent developments but also to plan a long-term strategy to counter the threat of terrorism emerging from FATA. This publication is an attempt to explore the dynamics of insurgency in a complex region at a crucial juncture. It discusses at length the factors behind the evolution of militancy in FATA and chronicles the role of Arab militants during the Afghan-Soviet war and their ideological influence over Afghan and Pakistani militant groups. This narrative also explores the militant networks in FATA, patterns of Talibanization and other developments after the launch of the war on terror, the counterinsurgency perspectives and the security implications for the region.

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