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“Viable SAARC beneficial to regional connectivity projects like China’s One-Belt, One Road” 23 January 2017
A surge in terrorist violence in Pakistan continued in November 2016: says PIPS monthly security report 09 December 2016
Regulating broadcast media effectively requires work at multiple fronts: PIPS report 24 November 2016
21% rise in terrorism-related fatalities in Pakistan: Says PIPS security report for October 11 November 2016
Terrorist attacks in Pakistan increased by 24% in September 2016: says a PIPS report 16 October 2016
Terrorism-related fatalities increased by 192% in August 2016: Says PIPS monthly security report of Pakistan 15 September 2016
Sensitized teachers can help uphold social harmony: PIPS study 12 August 2016
Madrassa students share thinking pattern with the society in general: PIPS study 15 July 2016
Revision of religio-political constructs a must, to counter violent extremism: PIPS study 13 July 2016
Islamic studies teachers should adopt “critical inquiry” in their learning and pedagogy: PIPS workshop 31 May 2016
Knowledge “quacks” exploit the space left by scholars: PIPS workshop 30 May 2016
Direct, multilayered engagement between Pakistan and Afghanistan is required: PIPS Study 28 May 2016
Militants increase attacks on forces including targeted killing of policemen: says PIPS’ Pakistan security report for April 2016 06 May 2016
Punjab hit hard by militants in March 2016 06 April 2016
Terrorism-related fatalities fell by 42pc in February 2016: PIPS 07 March 2016
Militants step up attacks during first month of 2016: says PIPS’ Pakistan security report 08 February 2016
Terrorism declined by 48% but TTP remained major actor of instability in 2015, PIPS Annual Security Report 05 January 2016
سال 2015ء، دہشت گردی میں 48فیصد کمی ، تحریکِ طالبان پر تشدد سرگرمیوں میں بدستور سر فہرست پاک انسٹی ٹیوٹ فار پیس سٹڈیز نے سالانہ سیکورٹی رپورٹ جاری کر دی
05 January 2016
Terrorist attacks up by 67pc in November 2015: PIPS monthly security report 09 December 2015
Sectarian terrorists hit hard Sindh and Balochistan in October 2015: reveals PIPS monthly security review 09 November 2015
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