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In all, 25 terrorist attacks across Pakistan killed 32 people in September 2017: PIPS monthly security report 06 October 2017
De-weaponization will reduce violence; requires state efficiency, attitudinal changes 28 September 2017
36 terrorist attacks killed 70 in Pakistan in August: PIPS monthly security report 11 September 2017
‘Teachers can help curb emerging trend radicalization in universities’ 07 September 2017
‘Critical inquiry in today’s digital age a must for progress and peace’ 10 August 2017
‘Teachers should open minds of students to create tolerant future’ 09 August 2017
Terrorist attacks in Pakistan surged by 126% in July 2017 08 August 2017
Feasibility of military bases in the Middle East questioned 26 July 2017
‘As nation-builders, teachers can help raise inclusive and inquisitive society’ 24 July 2017
‘Teachers can impart skills meant for nurturing tolerant society’ 19 July 2017
‘Teachers should share multiple perspectives with students’ 18 July 2017
Fatalities in terrorist attacks in Pakistan surged by 65pc in June 2017 10 July 2017
Terrorist attacks in Pakistan up by 50 percent in May 2017 09 June 2017
Parliament ought to address the multidimensional character of extremism 25 May 2017
“Teacher can impart curiosity and communication skills to promote tolerance and understanding” 23 May 2017
“Teachers can produce tolerant society by nurturing diversity” 22 May 2017
26 terrorist attacks claimed 46 lives in Pakistan in April 2017 08 May 2017
Holistic internal security policy need of the hour 03 May 2017
Producing inquisitive, knowledgeable society can help counter extremism 02 May 2017
Reclaiming cultural spaces can curb extremism 25 April 2017
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