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Research Papers/Reports

Internal Conflicts: Research Papers/Reports
Political Cost the ANP Paid in Its Fight against Extremists
Khadim Hussain

Understanding FATA
Syed Manzar Abbas Zaidi

A Progressive Understanding of Pashtun Social Structures amidst Current Conflict in FATA
Brian R. Kerr

Religious Behaviors in Pakistan: Impact on Social Development
Muhammad Azam

FATA Tribal Economy in the Context of Ongoing Militancy
Asif Mian

Post-911 Peace Narrative in Pakistan
Shabana Fayyaz

Poverty and Militancy
Safiya Aftab

Analysis of Peace Agreements with Militants and Lessons for the Future
Sohail Habib Tajik

Regional Strategic Issues: Research Papers/Reports
Iran-US nuclear deal: Tehran back on track
Dr. Rahat Iqbal
Anatomy of Green-on-Blue Attacks
Ehsan Mehmood Khan

State-building in Afghanistan: Are Reforms Sustainable?
Umar Riaz

Taliban Insurgency in Pakistan: A Counterinsurgency Perspective
Muhammad Amir Rana

Taliban on the March: Threat Assessment and Security Implications for the Region
Safdar Sial

Prospects for Pak-China Relations in 2011: Political, Militants and Public Views
Nida Naz

Pakistan’s ties with Central Asian States: Irritants and Challenges
Farhat Asif

Pak-Afghan Relations: Emerging Trends and Future Prospects
Safdar Sial

Radicals’ Influx into Border Areas: Impact on Inter-state Relations in South Asia
Muhammad Amir Rana

Deradicalization : Research Papers/Reports
Politics of Radicalization and De-radicalization: Impact on Pakistan’s Security Dynamics
Salma Malik

Modes and Scale of Conflict in Pakistan’s Swat Valley (1989-2008)
Khadim Hussain

The Process of Radicalization: Contextualizing the Case of Pakistan
Syed Manzar Abbas Zaidi

Swat De-radicalization Model: Prospects for Rehabilitating Militants
Muhammad Amir Rana

A Link between Poverty and Radicalization in Pakistan
Manzar Zaidi

Radicalization Perceptions of Educated Youth in Pakistan
A survey by PIPS

Litterateurs’ Response to Extremism in Pakistan
Muhammad Amir Rana

Jihad, Extremism and Radicalization: A Public Perspective
Safdar Sial and Tanveer Anjum

Trends and Patterns of Radicalization in Pakistan
Mujtaba Rathore and Abdul Basit

Radicalization in Pakistan Understanding the Phenomenon
A survey by PIPS

Radicalization and De-Radicalization in Singapore and Pakistan A Comparison
Ishtiaq Ahmed

Deradicalization: Approaches and Models
Saba Noor and Shagufta Hayat

Radicalization in Sri Lanka
Ranga Kalansooriya

Radicalization in Pakistan: Sociocultural Realities
Muhammad Azam

Defining the Phenomenon of Radicalization in Pakistan

The Arabist Shift from Indo-Persian Civilization & Genesis of Radicalization in Pakistan
Arshi Salemm Hashmi

Economic Policy Issues: Research Papers/Reports
IPI or TAP: Pakistan needs Early Materialization of a Gasline
Safdar Sial

IPI: Energy Security & Strategic Conflicts
Safdar Sial

Ideology: Research Papers/Reports
Hizbut Tahrir in Pakistan: Discourse and Impact
Muhammad Amir Rana

Tablighi Jamaat: Discourse and Challenges
Muhammad Amir Rana

Mapping the Madrasa Mindset: Political Attitudes of Pakistani Seminaries
Muhammad Amir Rana

Agenda of Religious-Political Organizations: A Discourse Analysis
Muhammad Amir Rana

Implications of Peace Agreement with TNSM
Muhammad Amir Rana

Linking Peace to Democracy
Muhammad Azam

Ideology: Clergy holds War on Terror Responsible for Terrorism

Counter-Ideology: Unanswered Questions and the Case of Pakistan
Muhammad Amir Rana

International Relations and Foreign Policy: Research Papers/Reports
The Neocons on Pakistan: Neat, Simple, and Dangerously Naive
Najum Mushtaq

Pak-US: A Balance Sheet of Relations
Safdar Sial

Prospects for Pak-China Relations in 2011: Political, Militant and Public Views
Nida Naz

Media and Democracy: Research Papers/Reports
Crisis of Political Development and Human Rights Violations
Dr. Mansoor Akbar Kundi

Human Rights Reporting in Pakistani Media
Safdar Sial

Jihadi Print Media in Pakistan: An Overview
Muhammad Amir Rana

Radicalization and Media: Who influences whom and how in Pakistan?
Muhammad Azam

Militants Media in Pakistan: Political Etymology and Professional Craft
Wajahat Masood

Media Seminars on Militants’ Media in Pakistan and its Impact

Mainstream Media’s Response to Radical Extremism

An External View of the Vernacular Press in Pakistan
Ranga Kalansooriya

Political Violence and Terrorism: Research Papers/Reports
Profiling the Violence in Karachi

Inequality and the Militant Threat in Pakistan
Muhammad Azam and Safiya Aftab

Evolution of Militant Groups in Pakistan (1)
Muhammad Amir Rana

Analyzing Suicide Attacks in Pakistan
Akbar Nasir Khan

Terrorist Attacks and Community Responses
Amjad Tufail

Responding to Terrorism: Pakistan’s Anti-Terrorism Laws
Shabana Fayyaz

Terrorism: How the Suicide Attackers Operate in Pakistan
Muhammad Amir Rana

The 9/11 Anniversary Tape: Singing an Old Song with a New Tune
Elena Pavlova

Diaspora: Research Papers/Reports
Exploring the Mindset of the British-Pakistani Community:The Socio-cultural and Religious Context
Safdar Sial

Understanding North Punjab in the Context of Pakistani Diaspora in Britain
PIPS Report

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