Countering Violent Extremism

Ever since its inception, PIPS has been keenly studying the drivers of violent extremism and its remedies. You can access policy briefs and reports on understanding countering violent extremism in Pakistan:

Policy briefs
These policy briefs encapsulate findings of the Punjab national-level consultations discussing implementing mechanism around specific themes to counter-violent extremism.

National Policy brief-10 Internal security and challenges

National Policy brief-9 Education reforms

National Policy brief-8 Cultural Diversity and Pluralism

National Policy brief-7 Media Engagement Programs

National Policy brief-6 Youth Engagement Program

National Policy brief-5 Constitution, Citizenship and Governance

National Policy brief-4 Implementing National Action Plan

National Policy brief-3 National Dialogue and Social Contract

National Policy brief-2 Reintegration of Militants

National Policy brief-1 Religious Thought and Conflict

Punjab Policy brief-6 Role of Punjab’s literary and cultural institutions in countering extremism

Punjab Policy brief-5 Intellectual and scholarly trends on countering violent extremism in Punjab

Punjab Policy brief-4 Promoting the culture of dialogue in Punjab

Punjab Policy brief-3 Safe charity: giving to the right hands

Punjab Policy brief-2 Social harmony and equal citizenship

Punjab Policy brief-1 Securing Punjab’s social & cultural diversity


1-Proposed model of Countering Violent Extremism (
2-National Strategy of Inclusive Pakistan [English] (
3-National Strategy of Inclusive Pakistan [Urdu] (

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