Admin and Finance Officer
Job Requirements

  • 1-Maintaining an effective administration system
  • 2-Rapidly responding to and resolving any administrative problems
  • 3-Managing related legislative, regulatory and compliance issues.
  • 4-Running the company reception area.
  • 5-Coordinating office procedures.
  • 6-Making sure that information is quick and easy to locate.
  • 7-Ordering and maintaining office stationery and equipment.
  • 8-Typing up correspondence including letters, minutes and memos.
  • 9-To identify and evaluates suppliers, arranges for transportation of purchased goods
  • 10-To identify and develop strategies for addressing logistical barriers
  • 11-To monitor use of materials and resources, and ensures quality record keeping
  • 12-To prepare financial statements
  • 13-Maintaining cash controls,
  • 14-Preparing the payroll personnel administration, purchasing, maintaining accounts payable and managing office operations.

Person Specification

  • 1) Proven record of working with national and international organizations
  • 2) 03 years working experience
  • 3) Exhibited experience of team work
  • 4) Working under tight deadlines 

Senior Communication & Reporting Officer
Job Description

  • 1-To ensure that information and data is captured, documented, analyzed and reported in a timely manner
  • 2-To ensure effective communications and knowledge management;
  • 3-Develop, implement and monitor a project communication, facilitate  better understanding among partners about programme  progress
  • 4-Assist the all components of the programme in producing and documenting all kinds of programme related reports
  • 5-To produce progress reports as per required
  • 6-Support staff in organizing and managing seminars, workshops and field visits as required;

  • Person Specification
  • 1) At least three years 03 years proves record of working with national and international organization/NGO’s.
  • 2) Interested to travel extensively in Punjab
  • 3) To meet tight deadlines
  • 4) Understanding of Counter Violent Extremism would be an added advantage
  • 5) To work in diverse working environment

Applications should be emailed at pips@pakpips.comor to the PIPS staff. Only short listed candidates will be called for interviews.
Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from qualified candidates irrespective of gender, race, religion and age.

About PIPS

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