Conflict and Peace Studies, Jan-Jun 2016

Release date: May 2016 Pages: 142
Publisher: Pak Institute for Peace Studies
Editor: Muhammad Amir Rana
Associate Editors: Safdar Sial, Muhammad Ismail Khan

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Review of Pakistan's relations with Afghanistan

  • Executive summary
  • Key findings
  • Why the distance between Pakistan and Afghanistan?
    Khalid Aziz
  •  The Pashtun factor
    Afrasiab Khattak
  • Engage Afghanistan to curb drugs flow from there
    Tariq Khosa
  • How parliament missed Afghan affairs?
    Iftikharullah Babar
  • Afghan peace talks: implications for Pakistan-Afghanistan relations
    Tahir Khan
  • The Pak-Afghan impasse: can a pro-active Pakistani policy initiative break it?
    Ijaz Khan
  • Pakistan-Afghanistan ties in the changing regional dynamics
    Safdar Sial
  • Analyzing the strategic calculus of Afghan state and non-state actors
    Farhan Zahid
  • Fencing border will strangulate locals
    Noreen Naseer
  • Pak-Afghan trade: overview and trends
    Peer Muhammad
  • Missing the optimal trade
    Noreen Naseer
  • Managing perceptions on media
    Imran Mukhtar and Azam Khan
  • Pakistan's Afghan refugee policy: politics trumping humanitarian concerns
    Ahmad Shah Durrani
  • Seeds of mistrust
    Interview with Rahat Malik Kakayzai

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