Conflict and Peace Studies, Jul-Dec 2015

Release date: September 2015 Pages: 212
Publisher: Pak Institute for Peace Studies
Editor: Muhammad Amir Rana
Associate Editors: Safdar Sial, Muhammad Ismail Khan


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Executive Summary
Timeline of NAP actions
Fighting terror: institutional structure in the context of NAP

Azam Khan and Aamir Saeed
Dead wrong
Najam U Din
Special courts
Shahzad Akbar
NACTA, nay activated
Tariq Parvez
Hate speech and restricted speech: striking a balance
Marvi Sirmed
Terrorism financing
Safiya Aftab
Stopping the banned groups
Mehwish Rani
Establishing a Counter Terrorism Force
Farhan Zahid
Registration of madrassas and NAP
Mujtaba Rathore
Media as mirror
Azaz Syed
FATAs ill-fate
Muhammad Ismail Khan
Watching online space
Nighat Dad
Zero tolerance for militancy in Punjab
Aoun Sahi
Karachi Operation
Zia Ur Rehman
Balochistan report card
Shahzada Zulfiqar
Action against sectarian terrorists
Safdar Sial
Afghan refugees and NAP
Rauf Khan Khattak


Tahir Saeen Group: higher-degree militants
Farhan Zahid
Silk route monitor
A review of developments on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
Safdar Sial and Peer Muhammad

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