Conflict and Peace Studies, Jan-Jun 2014

Release date: Pages: 140
Publisher: Pak Institute for Peace Studies
Editor: Muhammad Amir Rana
Associate Editors: Najam U Din, Safdar Sial, Shakil Chaudhary


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A review of National Internal Security Policy (2013-18)
Muhammad Amir Rana


2014 withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan: implications for regional security
Safdar Sial & Talha Saeed Satti

Post-2014 Afghanistan: prospects for Taliban’s rise to power
Farhan Zahid

FATA reforms: journey so far and the way forward
Asmatullah Khan Wazir

Militant economy of Karachi
Zia Ur Rehman

Islam and politics in Pakistan (1906-1985): a political perspective
Arsalan Bilal

Sectarian ideological warfare through graffiti
Muhammad Asif

Regional view

Pak-Afghan ties: views of Pakistan’s political and religious parties
Musa Javaid and Sara Meer


Evolution of militant groups in Pakistan (4)
Muhammad Amir Rana

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